Csv data in Field-Task


I have pull data from a CSV file using calculate data-type/field and display the data using note data-type. Using ubuntu OS, I'm able to see the data when run from the test environment, however the note field appears blank when I open the survey using field- task. What do you think possibly could be wrong?


Field Task is a fork of Collect with some added functionality. Your best bet for help is to email neilpenman@smap.com.au

Thanks Yaw.

Courtney did contact me. The problem was caused by an error in the way the pulldata function was written.


Ie no single quotes around the text parameters.

The above syntax error is not detected on load of the xlsform. (I just tested it at https://opendatakit.org/xlsform/). Nor is any error shown when filling in the form in fieldTask. Probably that would also be the case with collect however I have not tested that. So possibly a case could be made for improving error checking within odk code somewhere @yaw, but not high priority.



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Thanks again guys, It's great that work continues to improve this product base on feedback from developers.