"Custom server paths" setting will be removed from Collect v2021.3

The "Custom server paths" setting available under Server Settings will be removed from Collect in v2021.3. This setting was given a deprecation notice as part of the v1.28 release (discussed here).


Hi @seadowg,

Will we be able to test this in Beta before it goes live? I ask as I'm not sure what will replace the 'Custom Server Paths'. We are heavily dependent on this field for managing the forms our teams pull down to ODK (see my post in the discussion). It would be good if we could test our proposed change in Beta before it goes into production.


Yeah the release will be out as a beta first. However, you shouldn't need to wait for a beta as you can simply unsetting the custom server paths in the Collect config you're using. As @LN suggested, moving your URL format to a RESTful style (i.e. /projects/{projectId}/formList) will work as you can have the server URL for Collect be https://youserver.com/projects/{projectId}.

In terms of timeline, we'd like to release v2021.3 at the very end of September/early October.

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This change is now available for preview in ODK Collect v2021.3 Beta 0.