Custom values for time question type

Hello, I was developing a questionnaire and encountered the following issue.
The question is 'time' based and has '99:99' for unknown responses.
So far, I've managed to accept the input as a text and validate using regex.
(regex(.,'^[0-9]{2}[:][0-9]{2}$') and .>='00:00' and .<='23:59') or .='99:99'.
the question type is 'text'.
Unfortunately, this is not working for me.

with regex's you should almost always add start ('^') and end ('$') string delimiters to your regex expression, otherwise you'll match any substring (eg "99921:23"). Try adding this instead to see if it helps:

regex(., '^[0-9]{2}[:][0-9]{2}$')

Thanks for the suggestion, I've edited the question according to your comments.But still it doesn't support the functionality.

Hm. I don’t see anything else immediately obviously wrong with your expression - could you perhaps post a couple example date strings where you are not getting the desired outcome?