Customise GPS-Audit Pop-up text

What is the problem? Be very detailed.
When you collect GPS through the audit feature (when it collects automatically in the background), ODK shows a little prompt screen when you first open the form informing people that their location is being tracked.

I had created a tutorial to demonstrate how to do this, and someone asked if this message could be modified. I said that right now it couldn't, but prompted for some more info. He said the basic idea "would be to display a more elaborate data protection statement (i.e. that GPS locations will be aggregated, data not shared, etc) that includes as well a link to a more elaborate text. Similar to the cookie pop-ups on homepages."

What you have you tried to fix the problem?
From my current understanding, this pop-up can't be modified (unless someone here can tell me it's actually possible).

So the only other thing to do right now would be to make a "Welcome Page" on the form that would display the same info as a "note" or "acknowledge", and even maybe with a little gif that would show people how to turn the tracking on and off.

Anything else?
Anyone know if this is possible? Or if there is anyone else that's looked into this?


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To change an app message like that you could create a custom fork of ODK Collect, but that's not a good solution. I think your welcome page idea is probably the best option. Unfortunately, I'm not sure a GIF will play? If it doesn't you could include a short video/media file for the user to watch. How are the data collectors being trained? Is there a way to provide the instructions about turning off tracking during training (outside of the form)?

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Thanks @danbjoseph,
Yes, that's pretty much what I'd thought. And yes, I think this can hopefully be covered in the training and/or through an image or video.
Thanks so much for dropping this note, just letting me know I hadn't missed something. I am not interested in forking anything :slight_smile:

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