Customize name of saved forms

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I ask if If it is possible in ODK Collect to have the numbers of forms rather than the name of the form for all the types of recording to make the difference between the recordings.Capture5
I need that the numbers of ID of each participant to appear in forms saved in ODK instead of the name of form.
Thanks you!

Yes it is possible, in the settings sheet on xlsform, under instance_name, you can link the ID there. Example: instance_name = ${ID}


I do this but it doesn't work. Capture6

Please can i see your survey sheet as well?

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ok i send you my survey sheet.Enfant-Form.xlsx (16.5 KB)

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Hello @Ndongodiouf9

I have looked at your work and I found out why it was not working for you, below are reasons why it was not working.

  1. you do not have ID field in your xlsform, you rather have ID_MERE
  2. the type field you used INTEGER instead off text, the instance name works well on text, calculation and integer with a concatenation

below is a sample file for your work.

instance_name.xlsx (49.9 KB)

please let me know if this is works for you.



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Good job Mister Abdul-Majeed. It works.
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Hi there @Fabla, how about if you want the instance name to combine two or more fields such as Name of Data Collector (intv_name) and ID (id_no). How do you do that? Apparently, I tried some combinations such as (${intv_name}) and (${id_no}), I also tried (${intv_name}) + (${id_no}) as well as (${intv_name}), (${id_no}) but they have all not worked. What's the workaround? Thanks

Please try concat(${intv_name}, ' ', ${id_no})