Customizing server of ODK collect

Hi, how can I customize server of ODK collect?
I want to release an app with a specified server URL that the user don't need to go to General setting and import URL adress as well as Username and Password.

Hi Ali:
I use a custom fork of Collect with my own handmade server (PHP/MySQL), so I also need to set the Preferences to my own custom values at build time, to save changing them after installing the app.
You can set the default server (and path) option which you need by changing some of the strings in src/main/res/values/untranslated.xml - for the server, look for:

<string name="default_server_url" translatable="false"></string>

...and change that to eg

<string name="default_server_url" translatable="false"></string>

You can set the default form list/download and submission paths using these strings:

 <string name="default_odk_formlist" translatable="false">/path/to/formlist</string>
 <string name="default_odk_submission" translatable="false">/path/to/submission</string>

HOWEVER, since the transition to Android Studio 3 I've been unable to set all of the Preferences as I did before - see this thread, which is still open:
I want the default Server Platform to be "Other", which I think means a generic OpenRosa protocol - but whatever strings I change in the source, the default preference setting after installation always seems to come back as "ODK Aggregate". It may not make much difference, but I think it's sad that we don't know how to set a default value for this preference.
Hope this works for you!