We are conducting field surveys and attempted to send approximately 548 instances to Aggregate over 3 days, day 1 (126), day 2 (209) and day 3 (214). We do not know if they all got uploaded to Aggregate. This was after we had already successfully conducted approximately 2000 survey instances and downloaded them to Briefcase. The form takes one photo and approx. 100 questions.
When I tried to pull the instances from Aggregate for the 3 days via Briefcase I received an failure error. I then tried to login to Aggregate and it appears that the daily limit was exceeded. Would this be in the uploading to Aggregate or puling from Aggregate or both?
I was able to extract 285 instances. What about the remaining instances I could not pull and extract (they are encrypted)?
In the mean time we are continuing conducting the surveys but not sending to Aggregate as we cannot stop the project which end in 10 days time.
Setting up billing is likely the best solution. I have contacted our GoogleAppEngine Administrator who setup ODK Aggregate regarding the billing issue but this could take time to resolve.
Our ODK Aggregate was setup in September 2015, not sure which version.
Do I have to wait 24 hours to regain access to Aggregate?
I assume the instances are on the 4 tablets. Could I download them onto a PC and then pull and extract/decrypt them through Briefcase.
Excuse me if I rambled a bit. It is rather new to me. Any advice appreciated.
Tablet device Lenovo tab 4.


Considering the number of records you are trying to pull from Aggregate server, you need to have a billing account with Google AppEngine.
Regarding your version the version was available in September 2015 was v1.4.7 and I would recommend you should upgrade them. Step by step upgradation is recommended. However, you need to ask Google for whitelisting Java 7 runtime. Recently I upgraded straight from v1.4.8 to the latest version and it worked well but v1.4.7 is different from v1.4.8. Make sure to take a backup before upgradation.


And to answer the remaining questions...

Quota applies to all operations in Aggregate. When it runs out, you do have to wait 24 hours. More at https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-deployment-planning/#billing.

If you have access to the tablets, you can grab the /odk folder from them, put them on a computer with Briefcase, pull and decrypt them. More at https://docs.opendatakit.org/briefcase-using/#pulling-forms-from-collect.

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