Darwin, Australia: Collating biodiversity data capture standards

Via my Australian Biodiversity community of Practice colleagues comes a job focusing on biodiversity data standards more than involved technology, but I can see an angle for ODK/XLSForm as a reference implementation.

The Flora and Fauna Division is the custodian for flora and fauna data for the Northern Territory. The Division has committed to the National Data Exchange Standard (NDES) to provide standardised ecological monitoring protocols and systems for (meta) data collection, storage, and management. The NDES will enable various systems, databases, and tools to be used independent of data collection and monitoring protocols.
The Flora and Fauna Division is seeking a highly motivated, independent and organised individual, to document and facilitate biodiversity data collection standards that are used by the Flora and Fauna Division and contribute to the development and implementation of the NDES.
The Scientific Officer will work as part of the Biodiversity Information Group and this position is offered as a 6-months contract, with the potential for extension. Salary will be negotiated based on qualifications and experience.

Closing date: 11/08/2021.
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