Dashboard recommendation for images/video only


We are working on developing a remote surveillance system of construction sites. I previously worked with ODK and Google sheets to develop a dashboard of quantitative data. During that time, I had images in the data but could not display them properly.

Since quantitative data is no longer important and our engineers are more focused on actual photos and videos, I am looking at a way to only work with images and videos obtained through ODK suring inspection visits and display them based on site (site A, site B), category of work in each site (building A, building B, etc) and date of inspection.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you

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The feature in question has been requested at Can we hotlink ODK Central media files? and it will arrive eventually. Alternatively, there's an option described in Accessing images on PowerBI - #4 by LN to mirror media files elsewhere using the attachments API and prepend those urls to your media filename when you build the dashboard.

Please note that Aggregate is no longer being supported. Central is now the ODK server. The post below has for more details about the end-of-life for Aggregate.

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