Dashes appear on the Enketo webform. Help me solve that

What is the issue? Please be detailed.

Can anyone tell me why the dashes highlighted appear at the end of every question/answer options when I view on Enketo?

Upload any forms or screenshots you can share publicly below.

Hello @arqaam,

It would probably help if you can share the XLSForm (just the part you took a screenshot for).

If you are building your form labels by combining multiple columns using excel functions like (textjoin() or concat()) with dash as a separator, the dashes would still appear if the last column has no values

In forms with multiple language, any untranslated values would also appear as dash, though i doesn’t seem to be your case

Again, that's just an assumption, a look on the actual forms would help

Jules R

This is great additional knowledge. However, I was able to resolve the issue a few hours ago. Thank you once again.

Could you be so kind to post what your solution was, for posterity, in case somebody else with a similar problem searches and lands here... thnx


A bit of background, the survey was to be in multiple languages. So on the columns constraint_message::English (en), and required_message::English (en) I had left a space between the last colon and English as shown :: English (en) . It turns out that XLSForms are sensitive to spaces in some column headers. After I deleted the space, everything was resolved.


The code that processes XLSForms should be more resilient. I've filed an issue at https://github.com/XLSForm/pyxform/issues/641 so we can fix it.

Good catch! I'd never had guessed that one! :laughing: