Data Capturing on Google Drive

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I want to collect data on google drive using ODK, I just want to know that how much data can be captured on google drive including photos is there any variable restriction on google drive.

What are the drawbacks on collecting data on google drive?

sample form is also attached for your reference

Sample.xlsx (21.1 KB)

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I used in 2018 data collection via Google Sheet and at that time, I collected nearby 10000+ entries via google sheet and create a dashboard with the help of Google Sites and google API which helps me a lot.
But in this case, you need to give permission to a spreadsheet to every data collector who is collecting data for you. But I did not capture photos at that time so I need to check if we can collect photos on Google Sheet.

If you can share more detail about your form that I can help you in this.


Thanks @iamnarendrasingh
what kind of details are you required, please elaborate

Photographs are stored on form submitters' Google Drive storage and links are available for them in data accumulated in Google Sheet.

But what about how much no of records can be stored at google drive @joybindroo

As mentioned on this help page , Google sheet limits data up to 5 million cells, no. of rows will depend on no. of columns and size of values stored in the cells.