Data is not available in the odk software

Hello ,I have an issue and I will be very glad for your assistance, I have collected some data with the Odk collect software using my tablet,I don't know what happened,now the data is not available in the odk software but it can found on the phone memory in an XML file form,kindly assist me to retrieve the lost data ,thank you.

Hi @Kwadjona

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could you elaborate? Saved forms are not visible on the list or they are visible but you can't open them?

I am Eugene from Ghana, my issues is that, I administered questionnaire using the odk software, I was able to save many responses, I switched on my tablet to work the following day,only to know that the data is not in the saved form,so I searched thoroughly through the tablet and got it in a file on the memory ,how can I get the file restored back on the odk system so that I can have access to the responses and continue with the work.
Thank you


The more specific you can be, the more likely it is that someone can help. It sounds like you are using ODK Collect, is that correct? What version are you using (it will say on the opening screen)?

It sounds like you were filling out one form that had many responses, you saved it but did not send it, and now you can't see it in Edit Saved Form, is that correct?

Sometimes it can be hard to identify the correct saved form to edit. How are you trying to identify the filled form you were working on? Do you have a specific instance name for it (name in the list)? If not, did you make sure that you are opening the latest one?

How and where did you find the XML file that you are talking about?