Data Visualization with ODK Server

Hi all,

Is there any way of visualizing our data in real time. As I see that in ODK Aggregate there is a way to visualize.
However, I am wondering if there is an Open Source Solution for visualizing data so once data collector sends data on the ODK Aggregate Server, Officers who are not good with programming can see tables, pie chart etc on a web browser.

So, I want that my data collection software will be ODK. And what software I need for Data Visualization on web browser?

In short i need a dashboard which should be Open Source.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't know of an open source solution and did not come across one when we were encountering the same challenges. So we have built our own which allows the viewing and editing of collected data, visualisation on a spatial viewer and embedded Google Data Studio dashboards. I would suggest you look at Google Data Studio and publish those reports in a browser for your users. Otherwise, feel free to contact me for more information.

Can i see real time visualization in Google Data Studio?

It may be dependant on what you are doing with your data. We manage our data on our own Postgres instance and use the Google Data Studio connector which is very satisfactory. It allows us real time visualisation

Open source options include Superset and CKAN. As far as I know, you would need to host these yourself and they do require a fair amount of technical knowledge to set up. That's often the tradeoff with open source! You would need to either also host Aggregate yourself so you can access the data or set up a pipeline from your Aggregate instance to your self-hosted visualization system.

For a simpler and free but not open source solution, I've used the Google Sheets streamer in Aggregate and built visualizations there. With pivot tables, it's possible to do pretty advanced analysis.

As @Paul_Storry says, Google Data Studio is a great option for more sophisticated analysis. If you're hosting Aggregate on App Engine, you can go to Google Sheets and then to Data Studio from there.

Other commercial options (with free tiers) include Tableau and PowerBI. With Aggregate, you could set up a near-real-time pipeline by exporting a CSV periodically using the Briefcase command line interface and analyzing that CSV. If your data is public, you can use Tableau public. ODK Central makes it easy to integrate with either of those options in real-time with the OData connector.

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Hi @iamnarendrasingh

I recently found this program, if you can write sql queries then check it.

Opensource report generator