Date collection

Hi All,

I have a script that is collecting various dates on different questions.It's working well in field but when I download the data am getting them as 00.00.0.
-What could be the issue?
-can I still get my data/is it still there?
-how can I avoid it in future?

looking forward to your feedback.


How are you downloading the data, and how are you opening it once it's downloaded? It's possible that the data is there, but you're encountering a formatting issue with the program you're using to open the data. There was a recent discussion on that topic last month: see Date variable after exporting data to CSV file. How about trying the steps described in that discussion and letting us know what works and what doesn't?

Hi Matthew,

Hope you are well.
Seems to be a server issue and the way the data is downloaded from the server as the ona one is working well.

Thank you.

Aggregate and Ona do export dates in different formats, so it's possible that the software you use to view the data works without configuration for one but not the other. However, it should be possible to configure your software to use either.

Briefcase also exports date/time data in a different format from Aggregate, so if exporting from Aggregate isn't working without configuration, you might give Briefcase a try.