Date picker widget behaviour / revert date to blank

Hi ODK team,

I wonder if I could request a feature (or ask if anyone else would find it helpful).

In a ODK form, once a data collector has selected a date (even in a non required field) there doesn't seem to be a way to revert the date back to null. (All before finalising and sending the form of course).

Do you think the date picker widget could have a reset button on it? Or a blank space between January and December (that when you selected the blank space the day and year would also come out)?

The example where it came up for me is as follows; I have two options for my surveyors, either to put in a date of birth or to put in an age. If the surveyor puts in a date of birth then I have a note field that calculates the age and asks them to check with the participants if their age is correct. But if the participant then says their dob and age don't match, and actually, on reflection they don't really know their date of birth.... there is no way to reset the date to blank (and then manually enter an approx age instead).

I can imagine this would also come up in less complicated situations, for example where a date field wasn't relavent or shouldn't have been answered at all, but someone accidentally hit the date picker widget and put in a value and now can't take it out.

Sadly, I have almost no technical or coding skills whatsoever. So I don't think I can contribute much at all to making the feature work.

Dear @rachaelb,

you can always reset the value (remove response).
Just click on the date selected and keep pressed till you get the prompt "remove response" as in picture attached.


Oh, that's perfect!

I am so sorry that my first ever post here has been nonsense. I searched and searched and couldn't find this. And I asked a much more experienced ODK user at my institution who also didn't know either (unless I phrased the question very badly).

Thank you! And sorry to create extra nonsense on the forum.


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Please don't apologize! This is not very discoverable functionality and the fact that you couldn't find the documentation means that it should be improved. I've filed an issue at to track that problem. Did you look anywhere in the documentation? That might help figure out a better organization. Alternately, is there another interaction you might have expected to delete?

Thank you. I did look through the doc, but I was only looking at the date widget bits and I didn't scroll right to the bottom. I also searched through google, but I didn't use words "removing answers" (I see your issue filed at eh ODK github).

I guess I was looking for a "reset" button or similar on the date widget, or a blank space between Dec and Jan.

But the long press works perfectly fine. And the documentation is there, just not the most intuitive to find. I agree with your comment on the ODK issues git hub - maybe "delete" or "clear" are better than "remove".

Thanks for all your work with ODK. It really is a great bit of kit!


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