Date validation using pulled data in a note


I am trying to set a constraint on the date variable which is entered using the information in a note. The enumerator will see a note which has the date of birth. Then, the enumerator will get a date (calendar) question to enter that date of birth into the calendar.

I want to set a constraint that the date entered by the enumerator matches with the date of birth given in the note. Is there a way to do this?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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What have you tried so far? This should certainly be possible.

Constraints are described in the documentation:

And there are a number of forum threads discussing constraints involving dates:

Hi guys,

So I just figured out the XForm code for the problem above and I thought to share it with everyone here for future reference.

I have a note displaying the date of birth. The enumerator sees this note and enters this date of birth into a calendar. I wanted to set a constraint for the calendar question that it should exactly match with the note. This is the code I used:

(format-date(${dob_calendar},'%b %d, %Y')) = (${dob_note})

Mahrukh Khan

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