Deactivate selection in multiple choice vrs jr:choice name in repeat group

Hello everyone,

I'm encountering an issue with Multiple Response Deselection (Uncheck) and jr_choice.

Suppose an enumerator selects 2 fruits and proceeds to answer the remaining questions. Later, they realize they only meant to select 1 fruit. When they go back to uncheck or deselect the 2nd choice, the jr_choice name for the 2nd choice remains active. How can I resolve this?

At relevant field of the repeat group,
MultipleResponse_jrchoice_Deactivation_Problem.xlsx (11.5 KB)
I tried

not(selected(${fc_brands}) but it didn't work

Thank you.

I attached the xlsform file for your study

Hi West,

You have to add a nested group inside repeat and use relevance to hide repeat instances when number of selected fruits are reduced. Please refer to the heading "Hiding extra repeats when the repeat count is reduced" in the documentation for detailed instruction.