Define predefined maps with custom data

I looked in this section and saw that it is possible to nominate points to appear on the form, but I didn't find anything about a specific debt of mine, I'm going to report a real problem because it's what encompasses the Collect function.
I use Collect on highways, however there are several different highways that I need to collect data on, more specifically from license plates, and I would like when pressing the geopoint to return in some field as a response the exact kilometer of the highway that I am, for example, next to clicking on geopoint returns in some response "highway 68, (kilometer fifteen four hundred and eleven meters) 15,411 - note: only the numerical part.
Is there any way that I can define or download predefined maps with this mapping so that the user can define the kilometer and meter that he is just clicking on the geopoint?
I hope someone understood, this is very important for my project, thank you very much!

I think you could create the geopoints in desktop GIS software, like QGIS, by creating or importing polylines for your highways, then processing them to divide the line into a series of points with metadata calculated as the distance from your zero point. Then you would have your set of points with KP values that could be selected from map, selecting the closest to your enumerator.

If you don't wish to select from map and rather just grab a geopoint, you may have to post process these coordinates to the closest KP for your highway data, or do an in form calculate that compares the lat-long to a choice list with many highway KP/lat-long values to striking the closest coordinate match and return the KP