Delete saved blank forms

I am using odk collect, in the last version (1.10.2) the edit saved form tab does´t appears, how can i delete the blank forms?

I'd love to help, but your post does not contain enough information for me to answer your question. In general, the best way to get help is to fill out the questions in the pre-filled template that you get when you create a support post. So, with that in mind, can you answer these questions?

  1. What device and operating system version are you using?
  2. Was this a problem with the previous version of Collect or did it just start happening?
  3. Did anything change between when it was working and when it was not working?
  4. What you have you tried to fix the problem? For example, have you checked the Admin Settings, then Main Menu Settings to see if Edit Saved Forms are checked/unchecked?

Hi @Santiago_Palacios. It looks like you're new to the forums? Welcome! Please do provide more details when making a support request as noted by @yanokwa and as detailed in About the Support category. We'd also love to hear more about what brought you here, please consider posting to Introduce yourself here! and adding a profile picture.

Under Admin Settings, under Main Menu Settings, you can hide certain buttons from the Main Menu. You might have Edit Saved Form unchecked.