Deleted Forms on ODK central still appear as downloadable on ODK Collect

I'm testing new forms with live changes then uploading with a different version number then deleting the prvious version. Te already deleted forms still appear as "pullable" from upon which pulling throws an error - Attempt to invoke a virtual method on a null object reference. Ideally, this form should not appear on the Get blank form....

Hey Felix! Sorry about this issue, it's definitely a bug. We have a fix for it ready, and it'll be included in the next release of Central. And, thanks for reporting this!


Is it possible to pull this unreleased version and update my installation?


Yes! I would recommend generally sticking with the mainline releases if you can, or at least getting back onto the mainline when the next release happens, but I just merged that fix into the main codebase so you can run these steps on your Central server to integrate those changes:

cd central
cd server
git fetch
git checkout origin/master
cd ..
docker-compose build
systemctl restart docker-compose@central

The first four commands update your server source code to the latest working version (again, not normally recommended!), the next two builds a new version of Central in general, and the last one restarts your install onto the new version.

Thanks appreciated. Btw, the backup seems not work. I set it up a week ago and all it says something went wrong...

That's unfortunate. Can you try cancelling it and setting it up again? I wish I had better steps to give you but we don't have the error reporting on that system completely wired up yet. The system knows what's wrong, but there's no easy way to pull that information out yet.