Deleting a repeat

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Hi all,

I'm relatively new to ODK, but I've developed a short test form of a household roster. I've developed a dynamic repeat (see attached example) and have a few questions about it test_hh_roster.xlsx (24.4 KB).

  1. In this example: It asks how many bednets are in a household, then for each bednet I would like to ask a series of questions. However, if the interviewer makes a mistake in determining the number of bednets, can they go back and change the number of bednets (repeats) to be entered.This would be in circumstances such as: decreasing the number of bednets from 3 to 2 or increasing from 3 to 5?

  2. I've used "position(..)" to calculate the relative position of the repeat, is this correct? others have used "indexed-repeat(${some_var} position(..))"

What is the difference ? and is one more preferable to use?

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
ODk Collect v1.10.2

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I am also interested in this, and what are some good practices while using repeat groups that others can share.

1.- Personally, I have an "Acknowledge" type question before any the repeat group that I have; that way the interviewer has to confirm/double check the number of questions to be repeated. As far as I have tried, once the "repeat/loop" starts, going back and changing the number (in your example, bednets) won't reset the number of repeats generated.

2.- I use position(..) like this configuration:

|     type     |   name    |       label       |                 hint                  | calculation  | repeat_count |
| integer      | number    | Number of repeats |                                       |              |              |
| acknowledge  | ack       | Confirm ${number} |                                       |              |              |
| begin_repeat | repeat    |                   |                                       |              | ${number}    |
| calculate    | position  |                   |                                       | position(..) |              |
| text         | question1 | Question Number 1 | Repeat #${position} out of #${number} |              |              |
| integer      | question2 | Question Number 2 | Repeat #${position} out of #${number} |              |              |
| end_repeat   |           |                   |                                       |              |              |

Hope it helps