Deleting individual submissions in Central


I tried to search if this feature is already requested, but could not find it. It seems not possible in Central to delete individual submissions. It was there in Aggregate, but not here. I seem to be unable to remove the test data entries sent by the field workers from the database.

Any chance it might be coming in some nearby release?

Many thanks,
Saad Omer

Dear @Saad this is not currently possible in Central.
What you can do through the review feature to mark this submission "Rejected".
You can then filter by "Review State" and export excluding the rejected submissions.

Thanks. I am actually using Google Data Studio for the dashboard, and it does not pick up all the meta tags like 'review status', so I am unable to exclude the dummy data fields, unless I use some other indirect method.

It's coming. If all goes well, it will ship in 3-6 months.

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I sent a post (here) to draw attention to the absolute necessity of being able to delete a submission from the database. It would be nice if the function to delete a submission, delete a form, delete a media, but also to completely reset the database were very quickly integrated into the administration interface.