Deployment ODK Central parallel with Apache and Tomcat


Recently I purchased a VPS server. initially, I configured the Apache and Tomcat server including the ODK aggregate server it's working and the issue is faced here now the company wants to odk-central docker iamge also on the same server. I have tried too much to install and configured as well as change the same port numbers. but not succeed.

I am requesting to you facilitate me to configure odk-central on the same server and where to change the configuration plz guide me. hope you understand my query.

Abdul Raziq

The official Docker setup is really not meant for this, but you could probably reverse-proxy the build in Nginx service with your Apache2 server.

The alternative would be to more or less follow the development instructions for a docker less setup that your Apache2 can speak to directly. ODK Central is a relatively simple NodeJS app, so getting it to work like that is not so difficult. But you also need to get enketo and pyxforms-http running besides it.

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An upstream proxy is probably the easiest option, but it's not a configuration we test or recommend. That said, if you want to do it, see Server configuration with reverse proxy returns timeout and proxy errors for the general idea.

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