Designing a form with - Select one from two columns of options

**1. I want to design a form Like this-

For each category - I need to select one from either Critical column or High column.
Such as- for Recent slides category- I need to select either "Evidence of recent slides" or "Evidence of small slope". How to do it?

I have tried using Matrix, but this only helps selects vertically, not horizontally.

I know there is a option for this.But couldn't find it.

Can anyone share the way of doing it?

example.xls (99 KB)
I think this will help you

@Rakesh_Ranjan the form you posted gives error when converted as it has calculation not needed.
now it works

example.xls (99.5 KB)

by mistake it happen i have not see it in calculation field

Thanks a lot for your help.

Is that possible to arrange the options like my screenshot? (Critical and High on header and the options on list under where we can horizontally select from two column?)

Remove label and list-nolabel from appearance column then try

Sorry... That is also not working