Detailed group report

I created a form with group for several entries of the same data, however when downloading the report, to see the different entries made in group appear as a link to the Internet, how can I make that when downloading the report the items added in group appear individually on the same sheet?

Are you using ODK Aggregate for your server?
When you say "downloading the report" do you mean the export of submission data?
Are you using group or repeat in your form (it's not clear to me from your question)?

Yes, I used ODK aggregate and ODK to build the form where I used the group function activating the loop option, when downloading the submission report in ODK aggregate, only what is outside the group is detailed.

The docs have a section on exporting data and how the various export formats preserve (or don't) group and repeat.

CSV files are a text only, tabular representation of the data. ... Repeats are also represented with links to the underlying data. Grouping information is not preserved. ... To download CSV files of forms with repeats, consider using ODK Briefcase instead of ODK Aggregate's export functionality. Instead of repeats that are represented with links to the underlying data, ODK Briefcase will export a set of CSV files, one for each repeating group. ...