Device ID details & clarifications


In a recent project, we are exploring the current deviceID in more details, so I had to lookup for its basic info and structure from the forum posts, and found this post to be useful (Collect will need to stop using IMEI as deviceID and making simSerial and subscriberID available). Since this thread was a development discussion, I would like to summarize my understanding of the final decision here. Please correct me if something needs syncing:

  • Device ID is now a random 16-character alphanumeric word, generated by ODK collect at installation time (only once).
  • It is an ODK collect app feature, and not being picked up from anywhere in the phone (OS or firmware or SIM, etc). So we cannot find and/or pick it up via any other outside application, except collect.
  • Device ID changes if ODK collect is reinstalled. (Does it? Please confirm...)
  • Device ID remains the same for different projects and different forms inside the ODK application. (Yes?)
  • Device ID cannot be modified by the user (edit/delete), except the reinstallation of Collect app.

I would be grateful if all of the above could be verified.

Many thanks,
Saad Omer

Yes, those are all correct.

One caveat, if Android backups are enabled, it's possible that old data will be restored including an existing deviceid.


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@wroos it's already there


Oh sorry, thanks !

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