Device ID / IMEI not showing up

Hi folks, sorry for my newbie question, but I have problem with device ID/IMEI that suddenly not showing up. Herewith the example I got from the user Paloma. Her device was sending IMEI but suddenly empty and this happen with several other users.

Any idea why this happen and what should I do to fix this ? Thank you


Please make sure you have a updated version of ODK collect. Some previous releases had this type of issues; however, on current version, I haven't noticed any issues yet.


I see. Now, I will assure the user to use the latest version of ODK collect (v1.18.1).
Thank you, Imran. Really appreciate your help.


I still have the same problem even with version v1.20.0 , I have checked the metadata and the user ID (IMEI number) is there, but when it sent to the aggregate, the device ID is still NULL. Any idea how to solve this ?

We are also seeing this behavior with ODK v1.20.1 and Aggregate v2.0.0. Sometimes the device_id is just blank, but a re-submission usually solves the issue.