Difference between KoboCollect and ODK collect

I am new on ODK collect but an experimented user of Kobocollect.
We are facing stability problems. I would like to know what are the similarities between Kobocollect and ODK collect in term of functions, structure of the program.

If Kobocollect is unstable, we investigate to switch on ODK.
How to plan this ahead!


Hi @lisa_vdh

A warm welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here when you have some time!

ODK Collect is officially developed and maintained by members of this community.

Kobo Collect is a fork of the official ODK Collect for use with Kobotoolbox.

In terms of the tech stack both projects use similar technologies Javarosa, XForms ....

What issues are you posting, if you post detailed reports the community might be able to assist. If the issues are with Kobo Collect you might get better responses in the Kobo forums

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To add to what @Ronald_Munjoma said...

KoboCollect is a copy of ODK Collect mobile app that is a few months behind the original. For this reason, it does not have ODK's newest features and fixes. The only other differences are the name, logo, and a few settings.

@lisa_vdh I will advice you to use ODK, we have full support from the team here