Different Appearances for Multiple Languages

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

I would like to try to create multiple appearances for different languages. Is it possible to do this in the same way that one can use: image::English (en) image::Français (fr) for example to have different media/photos/audio/labels, for different languages.

In the survey sheet of my .xlsx file, I tried putting in two columns, each with the headings: "appearance::English (en)" and "appearance::Français (fr)" but that didn't work. When I tried to upload it to Ona.io, it gave me this error "'dict' object has no attribute 'split' "

Because I have one language that has lot of audio for questions and answers, it is problematic to have it displayed in the same way as another language that only has the text.
Farm_Observations.xlsx (42.4 KB)

Hi @Tyler_Depke

The appearance is not language-aware so it's not possible.

There is a Features section on this forum. If you would like to have such an improvement in ODK Collect you can create a new topic there and describe everything.