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So I have this problem of having different parent uid when my data are published onto the Google Spreadsheet.I have three tabs of data, the first two tabs have the same parent uid, but the third tab is totally different the first two.
I realized that is due to having a repeat function in a repeat function. I need the parent uid to be the same as I am using the vlookup function on excel to tabulate my data. So is there a way to make the parent uid the same? Or anyway I can link my data with different parent uid without changing the form design?


I'm not sure I understand the specific problem, but in general, UUIDs are created by the form engine to link repeats to their parent.

If you aren't able to change the form design, you won't be able to change that behavior. Your best bet is to change how you process that data in Excel.

If you are able to change the form design, then perhaps post a small sample form that replicates the issue and some subset of your data that you can share publicly so folks get a better idea of the problem you have.

Spreader Data.xlsx (16.2 KB)
For example the 2nd page and the 3rd page have different UUIDs.

SPREADER.xlsx (17.0 KB)
And this is my form design

So to rephrase my problem, I have a repeat in a repeat, and it is working fine on the ODK Collect. But once I publish my data to Google Spreadsheet, I have different parentuid for the data. As the data are very messy, I need to use vlookup on my data to consolidate all data on one page. But due to difference in the parentuid, I will not be able to use vlookup.

If you use a repeat, there needs to be a parent id that ties the child repeats together. If you have two levels of repeats like you do, each level will have a parent id that is different. There is by design because we need to able to uniquely identify each parent.

You are correct that flattening multiple levels of repeats via VLOOKUP is difficult. If you publish to Google Fusion Tables, you'll get a flattening of the data that will likely be more useful. Read this to find out more.

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