Digital Ocean Sales Force ODK Integration?

Hello Community!

We had consultants build us our ODK Server on Google App Engine, and We are seeking to migrate to Digital Ocean. Those consultants built a Sales Force Integration, so that our surveys could go straight from the survey tablet into salesforce. This has worked on the Google App Engine.

But given that the new versions of the ODK Aggregate Server do not support GAE, I have been tasked with building a new aggregate server on Digital Ocean. Is anybody aware of ways of building a salesforce integration into our Aggregate Server on Digital Ocean? I've never done anything this complicated, and I don't even know if it is possible. I suppose that might be an even better question: is it possible to do this? Is this anything that the community would recommend?

Or, maybe a better question is: has anybody built a salesforce integration into ODK aggregate on a different platform? My company had one on GAE, and before I switch over to something new, they're asking me to confirm that it's possible. Thanks for any help!

Would they be willing to switch to ODK Central? It has RESTful API and OData feed which might work well for an integration.

Thanks for replying. They're open to what will work. Our story is: five years ago we built a salesforce database, and the consultants who put it together put our data collection on ODK, and put together an ODK Aggregate server with a salesforce integration. Fast forward five years, the consultants are long gone, they did a poor job building the server in the first place (left anonymous access open, built it on GAE which soon lost support from ODK). I have been tasked with building a new server so that our teams can continue to survey and upload the data. I was asked if the option that seemed best to me (Digital Ocean) would support a salesforce integration for direct data upload. I didn't know.

So, long story (sorry!) would ODK Central work for something like this? Would you recommend it? Thank you for your reply!

An integration between Salesforce and ODK Central is certainly possible. And yes, Central could be hosted on Digital Ocean, or any other cloud services provider.

Related to my last question: has anybody built a salesforce integration into their ODK Aggregate Server?

We had one built onto our server through Google App Engine, but need to move off our server off of GAE. We had an integration built for us (by consultants) from our ODK Aggregate server directly into salesforce, and as we move off of GAE my supervisors are asking if we can have the same functionality if we move to another hosting service (such as Digital Ocean, or any of the others recommended by the ODK Team).

Anybody out there done this? Anybody familiar with this process who could point me in the right direction? Thank you!