Disable EDITING of the forms


I have a location-sensitive form in which I want the user to fill the data from the field and not from his home (already using GPS to handle it). But additionally, I need to disable the SAVED/FILLED FORM EDITING feature on the device as well, through some setting. Is there any setting to control this from the form settings or the device settings? I am using ODK Central 1.2.1 and Collect version v2021.2.2.


Under "Project settings" --> "Access control" --> "Main Menu Settings" you can choose to hide the "Edit Saved Form" menu button. You can then set an admin password to prevent the user from going into the settings and showing the button again.


Great, thanks.

Can this be done by the central server and sent via QR code as part of phone config? I have 1000 phones, and I am deploying settings only via QR code (not practically possible manually). I see that the GET BLANK FORM is also disabled through the form QR settings. Can this be the similar thing?


You can configure one phone with the QR code from Central to set the server URL, adjust all the other settings you want, and then generate a QR code from that phone that will have both the Central settings and the adjusted Collect settings. After setting everything up, you can go to "Project management" --> "Reconfigure with QR code" and then click from "SCAN" to "QR CODE" and then take a screen shot of the QR code shown on the screen. Use that one instead of the one from Central when setting up additional phones.

I believe it is on the roadmap to eventually configure more settings (more than just the server) from Central, but it is not possible yet.