Disabling image download option in Central


I have recently launched a big instance of ODK Central v 1.3.3 couple of months back. The data collected so far is around 30k submissions, and almost every submission is carrying at least one image with it. The overall disk size being occupied by the images is around 27GB till now (and increasing).

The problem: Although ODK Central handles images much better than Aggregate, still after a certain threshold (maybe 1GB or more), the downloading of images in the data dump file becomes unrealistic. I have a lot of users using Central dashboard. And even though I have told them multiple times not to click the option of DOWNLAOD ALL MEDIA AND DATA FILES from submissions menus, still some user forgets about this instruction and triggers a huge file download, which seems to slow down the server for other users.

Is it possible to disable the menu button option (DOWNLAOD ALL MEDIA AND DATA FILES) altogether somehow from inside the configuration? So that the users don't even see it, and thus unable to click it? As I said, image data download after 1 or 2 GB is itself unrealistic. If needed, as an admin I can setup some tweak or maybe use briefcase to pull the image data. But for sure I don't want the users to initiate huge sized files download from the interface.

Many thanks for the help!

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