Display a randomized group of questions and display in a question randomized percentages (33%, 66% or 100%) of a price previously saved in an XLSform

Hey everyone,

I'm in a bit of struggle regarding a XLSform that I'm currently building for a KoboCollect survey that my company is launching in Africa.

The survey concerns solar equipment and one category is about population's consent to pay for two types of solar equipment.

I've been struggling with several aspects of the survey :

1- Based on two prices (7700 and 275 000 FCFA), which would be previously saved somewhere in the form (hidden) or typed by the pollster at the beginning of the form, I would like to calculate a percentage of each of these two prices (either 33% or 66% or 100%) and display them randomly in the section D questions. So that for each form, the question would be : would you consent to pay (33% of 7700) for this solar equipment? or would you consent to pay (66% of 7700) ... Also, I'd like for each form to display a randomized price of either 33% or 66% or 100%. Is it something possible to do with XLSform?

Another problem I can't solve is about randomization displaying of question's groups. I'd like each form to randomly display a section D group of questions with one price (7700) and its calculated percentages being part of each question or the other price (275 000) and its calculated percentages being part of each question. I'm not sure it's really clear but any help would be more than welcome.

Thanks to you,

The simplest way to do this is to put every variation in the form and randomly show one. See How can I randomly choose which of two questions to display for an example on how to do this with questions. The same technique applies for variables and groups.