Display data from repeat in XLS form


Can anyone help me trying to display a variable's value at a particular index for a repeat, in label of some question like so:


Household Member Name 1: indexed-repeat(${hh_mem_name}, ${b}, 1)
Household Member Name 2: indexed-repeat(${hh_mem_name}, ${b}, 2)

And so on, in XLS form.

Thank you!


Hi @Ayub

Please take a look at this example: repeat.xlsx (5.6 KB)

Thank you, it works!

Is there a way to display indexed-repeat values directly in Labels without the need for creating new variables / columns?

Do you mean without those two calculate rows?

Yes, would that be possible in ODK?

It must be in the calculation column. Why it's a problem for you?

Actually I would have to display name, age, gender, marital status of 30 household members, so it would be great if we could do it directly.

I don't think it's possible indexed-repeat must be calculated.

That's going to take a while to work with, but thanks for all the help!