Display information from an external file for each selected individual (select_multiple_from_file)

Hi everyone,
I'm working on a form that I'll be administering with my team from next week.
We're trying to check the information for each individual in the same family from an external file.
I've used select_multiple_from_file and for each variable I've used the function pulldata('ind_conasur', 'Numero_menage', 'name', selected-at(${select_ind}, position(..)-1)).
However, when I select all the individuals (select_multiple), it displays the information for the first individual at the level of all the individuals.
I would like to display the information for each individual selected.

Thank you for your support
Enregistrement_Profilage_menage_XLSFROM_Compile_v5_.xlsx (63.7 KB)

Media_file.zip (82.1 KB)

Hi @ericB ,

I think the pulldata function should be using ${ind_info} instead of "selected-at(${select_ind}, position(..)-1)", because ${ind_info} is the value that changes on each pass through the multiple values selected in the select_id field.

Like this:

I hope this helps and sorry for not testing my solution, you've got a huge form! :slight_smile:

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Hi @rfvieira
Many thanks
It does work for this solution
Thanks for the support

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