Display of response option 'Other'(Please specify) in the same cell

Hello Team,
Am getting challenge in creation of response option 'Other'(Please specify) in the same cell. It was possible as a separate question. The xls form is attached for ease of reference.

Thaank you

Ojja Fracis
Cassava cultivar.xlsx (32.6 KB)

Hello arqaam,
Your workaround still creates response for 'other'(specify) in a new row. My interest is the answer option should be input in the same line/column where 'other' (specify) appears than creating a new row for inputting the answer (usually text type).

Hi @Francis_Sebbi,
There is no other way than having a text question out of the select to specify the other value that is not in the options list.

In that case, its not possible. They are deemed as separate questions. I guess its how the syntax is structured. Probably, the developers may look into that in the future.

Thanks so much Team, for the timely feedback

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