Display questions and options in different languages?

In the survey sheet, I specified the label as Nepali (ne) language. It worked fine, but when I view it on a mobile phone, the option doesn't appear. I understand that I need to adjust the language setting, but I would like to display the questions in Nepali and the options in English. Is this possible?"

Hi Santosh,

You cannot display questions in one language (e.g., Nepali) and answer options in another language (e.g., English) using standard XLSForm functionality within the same form while respecting the default language setting.

In summary, the XLSForm standard functionality allows you to define a single language for the entire form, and both questions and answer options will be displayed in that language based on the user's language preference.

If you need to display questions in one language and answer options in another, you might consider creating separate forms for each language or looking into custom development solutions that can handle this specific requirement, as it goes beyond the standard functionality of XLSForms and ODK Collect.


As a workaround you may mix languages putting the different texts under the same ::language columns. For example question label::MyMix (en) with English labels and choices label::MyMix (en) with Nepali labels. If you chose MyMix, then you get the combination.
But there might be a problem as the left/right alignment goes with one language only.

Some users also put 2 languages in the same label cell.


And you are free to write/copy options in English in your Nepali (ne) language label cells (Nepali language column.) So, for Nepali language option, the form will show Nepali (labels) for questions, but the choices as English text.