Displaying choice options of a multiple choice question after control from within a repeat group

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
i have a multiple select question asking:
select_multiple banks q1 1. Of the following banks in which bank(s) do you have an active account?
the choices are: 1-bank1, 2-bank2, 3-bank3, 4-bank4, 5-bank5.

i then have a repeat group setup as follows for each bank selected in q1:
begin repeat bank_details BANK DETAILS selected(${consent},'1') ${q1_count}
calculate bank_name jr:choice-name(selected-at(${q1}, position(..)-1), '${q1}')

select_one yes_no q2 2. Have you accessed any mobile loan in the last 12 months from ${bank_name}? the choices are 1-yes, 2-no.

end repeat

then i have a question asking: q17. of the banks you have mobile loans with, which is your best? and the choices are to be filtered based on the question within the repeat to only list as choices the banks with the answer 'yes' to the question in the repeat.

Hello @Derrick . It hink I understand the question, but it quite difficult to comprehend from the written description. Perhaps next time you post you could upload an excel example of your problem. As it is I am trying to visualise the problem from the longhand here which is quite tricky.

The brief answer is that I don't think that you need a repeat loop. Instead I think that you need to use choice_filter which allows cascading selects. Have you looked into this? With a choice_filter you can make your q17 select multiple where the user selects the banks that they have multiple loans with but filter for those banks that were selected in q1. If you are not yet familiar with choice filters they are incredibly useful, I suggest familiarising yourself with the documentation and looking at examples here on the Forum.

If that isn't clear, perhaps upload an example xlsform as a next step