Displaying multiple column matrix questions in enketo

Hi team, attached is my xlsform that i previewed on enketo but has distorted columns that do not provide for inputting responses against the column headers. I need your assistance.

Francis Ojja from Uganda

DRC.NURI.xlsx (40.9 KB)

Hi @Francis_Sebbi ,

There are two issues in your XLSForm:

  1. Name for ye89ot in choices sheet is defined as 10 and 11 but in your relevant column, it's 1 and 2
  2. The date question usually take more space, so give it two column space by setting appearance to w2

I have fixed Teaks row for you, please have a look

DRC.NURI.xlsx (113.7 KB)

Hello Sadiq,
Am so grateful for the support. It has worked. I have however, failed to provide a skip logic that can hide the table and questions below it when the preceeding question (Did you receive seedlings?) answer option ''No'' is chosen.
Your kind support is again highly sought

Hi @Francis_Sebbi

You need to add ${consent}='1' and ${did_you_recieve_Seedlings_}='3' to the relevant column of all groups that you want to hide based on "Did you receive seedlings" question

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Hello Sadiq.
Iam so grateful for the assistance it has worked well. Be blest

Thank you