Displaying the name of a household member eligible for a question

Hello dear all. I created a roster to capture the different household members with their respective names.
To a question Q3. Has (Firstname) taken a trip during the last 30 days?
In the next section on transportation, we would like the name of the individual who said trip in 30 to appear in the question as defined.
QT1.How many trips has (name) made in the last 30 days?

Hi @nomolos
could you attach your form (or a part of it)? That would help us understand and solve your problem.

The parties concerned are in green. part1: registration and eligibility for transport and employment and resources.
transport section we would like to have the name of the persons eligible for cm10 and cm11.EEISE_AGEROUTE_v7_FINAL17_11_2020.xlsx (65.1 KB)

Oh that's a pretty big form. Maybe it would be better if you describe your case in detail step by step. I mean the same you tried creating this topic because I don't find your description super clear.

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ok to Q1: list of household members.? here we will list all the names of the members of the household in an example roster
1 erick
2 kart
3 junior
A Q2: Have you traveled recently? this question is asked to erick, kart and junior.
Q3: What is the location of (first name)? So if erick has taken a trip then the question should be this: What is the place of destination of erick? instead of first name we now have erick? is that my concern?

Is that list select_multiple question and then you ask the following questions only for names you selected or you always want to ask questions for all of them?

Yes this is what I want to do but need help.

yes means what? :slight_smile: yes I want to ask questions for all the names or yes I want to select names and ask questions only for selected names?

yes I want to select names and ask questions only for the selected names?

Then you need to add select_multiple question and then repeat_group to repeat through selected items. Here is a sample form that shows how to do that: repeatThroughSelectMultiple.xlsx (6.2 KB)