Displaying two fields next to each other


I am new to ODK, but learned a lot due to the great materials online.

Now I have one idea, where I don´t find a way to do so.

In one question I am asking for a decimal number, though the unit might change depending on the answer. It might be ha or m². This could be easily asked with another following question via select_one.

Is it possible to display the fields next to each other? Left the number and right the unit?
I really would like this appearance instead of underneath each other.

Looking forward to your help.

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I know of two options. A first question that asks the units being used to report, and then using relevant to show a different question depending on if the answer is in hectares or square meters. This way you won't have numbers in a single column that represent 2 different ways of measuring area.

Or you can use jr:choice-name to grab the label from a question about the units, and use it in the question text for the decimal type question about the area.

Here are examples of both: area_units.xlsx (10.0 KB)

Hi @danbjoseph,

Thank you very much. I just did the introduction, hope it strengthens the community.

The solution with relevant I have in place and works well.

My original question was more about the displaying. That both fields are in one row, next to each other. Left the number field and right the unit field.

Here the unit question would have no label and would only be a selection option.
By default I would have had an unit set.

Other option/ question: Would it be possible to display an unit in a decimal field type? Like excel formatting, e.g. for currency. Only the number is entered and is displayed as 10 $.

I assume, here a following note with displaying the number is the only option, correct?