Do not use the snap version of Docker with ODK Central: "read-only"

This is not a support request, just a comment for others and myself:

I installed ODK Central 0.9 on a new Ubuntu 20.04 installation, and selected the snap-version of Docker because I thought it would be less work.

This gave an Error: /data/transfer is on a read-only file system. The solution was in an thread from 2018:

Trying to remove the Docker snap failed because I could not unhang it (yes, I searched all relevant google. stuff, the solutions did not work, rebooting a dozen of time neither). So I had to bite the bullet and reinstall Ubuntu.

Error was gone after I used the manual installation of Docker and docker-compose.


oh, snap...

Thanks for sharing - could save others some serious trouble.

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I can confirm that. Thx

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