Do right-to-left languages work well across Collect?

If you speak a right-to-left language supported by ODK Collect, please share your experience with using Collect in your language.

  • Is text displayed properly?
  • Is there any text that appears in the wrong order?
  • If you are a translator, is there any English text that forces you to use a bad order for your language?
  • Could the user interface be improved to better support right-to-left languages?

Screenshots are appreciated when things don't look right!

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if you Need an example you can use this...
UNHCR uses one for Refugees in Lebanon, they have arabic in the form:
(ok, i cannot attach it as new user)

Thank you, @Mic! That will be very useful for evaluating the widgets in addition to the general user interface. Do you happen to know anyone who worked on that project and may already have some suggestions?

it´s this guy:
i mailed him once, he didn´t answer... maybe you are more lucky :slight_smile:

Arabic works fine in Collect, in my experience. No issues.

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Thanks @Jake_Watson, that's very helpful!

The wonderful @Mickys0918 along with other star contributors have made several improvements to right-to-left language support over the past couple of releases. Most question types should now appropriately relocate text for RTL languages leading to a more natural user experience. Please comment here if you see anything that doesn't look quite right!