Docker Build Error with Grunt


Firstly, I thank the devs for their excellent docker-compose setup. It ties the full setup so nicely, it's amazing! There are a few hiccups, and so I thought this can perhaps enhance these issues.

The NPM install during eketoo failed with a "cannot run in wd" error, which is because "grunt" was saying that it didn't find the dependencies and threw errors. I modified the "enketoo.dockerfile" to include these lines before running "RUN grunt"

RUN npm install --unsafe-perm=true grunt-concurrent --save-dev
RUN npm install --unsafe-perm=true grunt-contrib-watch --save-dev
RUN npm install --unsafe-perm=true grunt-eslint --save-dev
RUN npm install --unsafe-perm=true grunt-karma --save-dev
RUN npm install --unsafe-perm=true grunt-mocha-test --save-dev
RUN npm install --unsafe-perm=true grunt-nodemon --save-dev
RUN npm install --unsafe-perm=true grunt-simple-nyc --save-dev

This made the rest of the errors go away, other than some "version outdated" warnings, which probably can be safely ignored.

Thank you.