Docker-compose ps says central is unhealthy

I've successfully installed Central on Digital Ocean (attached is a screenshot of the outputs of "docker-compose ps").also the the nginx snashop is attached also the attach a txt file htts:// help.

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your problem is caused by:

e[36mnginx |e[0m Type: dns
e[36mnginx |e[0m Detail: No valid IP addresses found for
e[36mnginx |e[0m + error 'Cerbot failed for Check the logs for details.'

Certbot can't validate that you own the domain because you have not mapped that domain to the IP of the machine
You need a domain name and must have your DNS records for that domain point to the IP of the DigitalOcean server.

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Thank you @ Grzesiek2010,yes have checked the problem and have its ok.
thank u

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