Docs are live; contributors guide

The new docs website is live!

(Thanks to @yanokwa for setting up the live site and a pretty sweet continuous integration publishing chain...)

If you are interested in working on the docs (please please please please come work on the docs...) -- check out the Contributor Guide.


Just wanted to flag that the link to the Contributor Guide went nowhere for me. Also wanted to ask about the docs: These seem to be ODK 1.0 only. Is there a route for contributing to 2.0?

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Thanks for pointing out that broken link! I’ve fixed it above, it should be :blush:

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@elmps2018 I believe @Jeff_Beorse will be working on the docs effort for 2.0. Jeff, can you write up a post about what the rough strategy and timeline is?

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Yes, I am currently working on the 2.0 docs effort. The strategy is to follow the model set by 1.0 as closely as possible, while reusing and expanding on what's available in the current 2.0 documentation. This means using Sphinx and the same contribution model, etc. Most of the content will be ported from the old documentation and reorganized, and some new stuff will be added (like tutorials). In the meantime the current documentation, though rough around the edges, should cover everything and is updated with each release.

As far as contributing to the 2.0 docs, we currently don't have the full infrastructure set up yet. But we are very interested in hearing about errors, unclear sections, and general suggestions. I personally would like to know these issues so I can include fixes in the new docs :slight_smile:. My suggestion would be to open issues on the Github tracker and use the Documentation label.

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