Documenting the ODK convening

One of our goals for this week's convening is to have discussions that shape the community long after the convening is over. We want to help you remember your discussions later, and help communicate what was discussed with those that couldn't attend.

We're using google docs to help us do this. Each breakout group in each session has a google doc associated with it, which they'll be using to document their discussions. This post contains links to all of the relevant docs, for ease of access. Though the docs are empty now, they'll soon be full of suggestions, analyses, and other ideas.

You can access the whole thing here.

Breakout Session 1 (Directory) - Concept Note Review

Direct links to Concept Note docs: Note A; Note B; Note C; Note D; Note E; Note F

Compiled by Shauna after the convening: Concept Notes Summary of Opinions

Group Session

ODK Needs & Success Stories

Breakout Session 2 (Directory) - Concept Note Working Groups

Breakout Session 3 (Directory) - Concept Note Key Questions

Group Session (was 'Breakout Session 4')

Breakout Session 5 (Directory) - Barriers and Solutions

Breakout Session 6 (Directory) - Barriers and Solutions, continued

Unconference Session 1

Unconference Session 2

Unconference Session 3

Unconference Session 4

Group Session

The links above should be viewable to everyone now, and will be editable starting Wednesday morning. If you run across broken or inaccurate links at any point, let us know, and we'll fix them!

As always, questions & feedback are welcome in the comments.

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