Does anyone have experience of working with GeoODK?

Hello. Does anyone have experience of working with GeoODK?

I came across this app recently but upon further investigation I get a timeout when trying to download a blank form and some links on the website no longer work.

I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not it is still supported before I spend anymore time on it?

Hi @wkcmark! GeoODK Collect is an old and unmaintained fork of ODK Collect. Much of the functionality it has is in stock ODK Collect.

which version of ODk will allow me to have map interface @yanokwa

Do odk current versions allows map like geo ODK @yanokwa,Plz repl.I am having problem with compiling GeoODK source code in android

@mus_tak Please don't create respond to multiple topics with the same fundamental problem. As to the questions you raised...

  1. If you have an issue with GeoODK, ask at As I noted, GeoODK seems to be unmaintained so it's unlikely you'll get a response.

  2. I don't know what you mean by "allow you to have a map interface". What high level problem or use-case are you hoping to solve?

Thanks @yanokwa for reply.I tried to compile the source code of odk in android studio and the output apk runs good but the map donts get display .where i need to make changes in map keys in the source code so that my maps get display.Please help me

Have you followed the instructions in the readme?

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