Does the ODK Android App store a copy of the uploaded forms?

I lost my server and created a new one. However, most of the phones had uploaded the collected data. Am desperately looking for a way of uploading the old form data to the new deployment. Unfortunately, all the form data on the phones was already uploaded to the lost server. Any advice?

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

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3. What have you tried to fix the issue?

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Hi @cmuhindo,

Do you have any backup of the data from the lost server? Or can explain a bit more about the lost server:

  • for example, where have you hosted it?
  • What do you mean by you lost that, has it been hacked or corrupt
    A little more details with be helpful to help you.

Thank you,

Server was accidentally deleted and there was no backup. The only thing left are the android phones that were being used to upload data.

Assuming you didn't uninstall the app or turn on delete after send, you can find the data in your Collect directory and you can pull the data from Collect using Briefcase and push it to wherever.

All I see when i look into the ODK directory is the actual forms but I cant seem to see the collected data (i.e form submissions). Where can I find these submissions and how can I get them uploaded to the new server. My point of interest is the form submissions not the actual forms.

Blank forms are in the forms directory but filled forms should be in the instances dir. Is that folder empty?

As Yaw mentioned, please give a try to Briefcase, instead of explore/cut/copy/paste phone ODK directory. Briefcase will tell you what you have or do not have on that phone.

The instances form is not empty. I think I need more guidance on how to push from instances folder to the server. When i did some bit or reading, i couldn't find a concrete tutorial on how to push such instances to the server. I expected Briefcase to have a way I can specify the source folder on my local machine (instances directory for this particular matter), but the closest to this was in the settings tab of briefcase. On self exploration, i did specify the instances directory under the settings tab on Briefcase but it did not do much as it only created a new directory called 'ODK Briefcase Storage'. Kindly guide me on how best I can pick the files from the instances directory and have them uploaded to the server. thanks.

This is a special case you are trying to do, and you may not be able to find a 100% exact steps tutorial anywhere. You would have to learn this from multiple tutorials and apply it yourself. Or if it is too complicated, you would have to seek expert help from some experienced personnel or ODK support team.

If the instances directory is not empty that's a good sign. Here you can read how to use ODK Briefcase If you have any problems with it please let us know.